5 essential ingredients for your next marketing video

After writing and producing over a dozen marketing videos via Birch, I decided to put down a few notes on what I have learned so far.

Although video is a very creative and non-linear endeavor, there are few things that are consistent across all engaging and successful videos. Below I try to distill them down to 5 bullet points.

These points are mainly relevant for explainer videos, I will talk about viral videos in the next post

The Hook Image

The Hook : We are living in a world of abundant distractions and limited attention spans. First 15 seconds of your video will decide whether the viewer wants to see the rest of it. You have got to get them right. So make sure, you do these

  • Address them. (Are they a small shop owner or a tech start up or HNI?)

  • And their problem (Why should they care about what you are going to say? Are you going to tell them how to attract more customers or hire good developers or manage their overseas investments?)

The flow : Every shot in a video builds on top the last one. You have got so many exciting features, flexible pricing plans, an elaborate list of promotional offers and discount codes. Chances are you will be tempted to squeeze all of this in. Don't. Address their problem (low state). Imagine where do they want to be(happy state) and then construct the steps in between. Everything which is not a part of this story dilutes this story.

The length : Evey 100 words of your video will video will make up for a minute in video length. You should be wary of going above 2 minutes. So you have 200 words. Take a dump of all the ideas you want to convey on a paper, keep what's important, chisel out the clutter . If you have a lot to say, split it up into multiple videos.

The joke image

The joke : Video is the only place you can really "talk" to your customer. They will skim most through most of your website and email content. Use a causal & friendly tone and don't be afraid to use some good natured pun. If it cracks a smile on their lips, your video is a hit.

The climax image

The climax : It's called the Call To Action(CTA). Tell them what to do after they see this video. Chances are they might see this video somewhere different than your website, on YouTube or their Facebook feed. Be specific about where do you want them to go and what should they do when they get there.Something like "Go to acmecorp.com/special-signup" could work. If possible, place a unique link (CTA) created specifically for this video. They are a good way to measure the ROI of your video.

In the next post, I will talk about the difference between explainer videos and viral videos. And what marketing mix might be ideal for your business.

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