Is Big Data complex and scary? See how this Big Data company crafted a message which is simple, slick and sexy

Ask any company's executive how they are making business decisions and they will hurl the D word at you. And honestly, there is no denying it. Data, in its glorious sliced, segmented and plotted forms is indeed driving decisions for thousands if not millions of businesses across the globe.

Graphs and dashboards have become the staple indicators of progress and primary means to track resources. A number of businesses and products have been built to help us visualize and analyze the data, critical for our business.

Now, we just had the chance of working with one such company called Algoscale. Algoscale is a platform for ad-networks to manage and optimally place their ads (inventory) and automate processes (like report generation) for content publishers.

Their product takes care of a lot of dirty work for its users under the hood. Though to crack into the market, what they needed was a crisp message which their audience understands in under 2 minutes. And keep out the clutter of feature lists & detailed capabilities.

So here is the result of 2 weeks of hard work.

To craft a simple message for your seemingly complex product, head over here.