How Uber is using Birch to improve rider experience

Uber is world's most valued private company. The company has successfully designed and crafted an unparalleled ride experience which has come to be known as the Uber experience, synonyms with delight, happiness, pleasure.

Everything from the app design to cleanliness of the cab to driver's behavior & communication skills have been engineered by Uber team to perfection. Attention to detail is enchanting.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have worked with Uber's team to create first of the many training videos they will use to educate their huge extended family, Uber drivers (or Partners). The objective of this series is to make them more savvy, more efficient and resourceful.

This series will not only help Uber engage their Partners but also send out a message that the company cares for them, their time and productivity.

Training videos can help any business train their workforce quickly and efficiently. If you are looking to create a few for yours, start here.