What can you learn about selling from this rapidly growing software company

If you have ever delivered a sales pitch at an event or in an elevator to a potential client or investor who seems to be in way too much hurry, you should be very familiar with nervous selling. We find ourselves in a situation where we try to present too much information very quickly and end up confusing/scaring a potential engagement.

When we meet someone new, we are digesting a lot of new information about them like their background, company culture, buying processes etc. And although in an ideal world, you should be able to process this information, identify pain points and align your solution with their business goals, it is rarely possible in practice given the limited time window and attention span. An even tougher task is to train a sales team to follow a uniform set of principles while pitching and give out a coherent message.

This is a strong case for using good quality video content to promote your business. A sales video is like your companion which you can carry around on your mobile device, it talks on your behalf while you have the time to step back and gauge client's interest and prepare to address concerns. Like they say, selling is not about speaking it's about listening.

Recently, we worked with ABSYZ, a Salesforce certified software services company based out of California and Hyderabad. They have clients all over the world and their sales team travels extensively meeting clients at events and conferences. What they wanted was a streamlined and refined message which speaks about their work and achievements in a professional yet engaging way.

So we crafted a simple video for them which delivered their message eloquently and fitted in their budget.

If you want to make your sales pitch real and tangible, head over here. The team at Birch might be able to help out.