How Cars24 introduced their service in 40 seconds with Birch

When businesses think of introducing themselves with a video, the first thing that comes to mind is an explainer video. You may have seen quite a few of them on websites and landing pages.

They have actually become a very trite tradition with a central character called 'Joe' who starts out with a sad life and shares his problem with you and then a product magically transforms his life. And then they walk you through a few key features of their product and then Joe comes back with a wide grin on his face and a thumbs up stretched out to the camera. That's a generic 2:30 minute introduction of most businesses out there.

Recently, we collaborated with Cars24 team to cook a more spicy recipe of an explainer video. What the team wanted to produce was a really short and crisp video about how their service improves their customer's life. Here is a quick one liner about what they do.

Cars24 saves its users from the pain and hassles of selling a car. Everything from inspection to a fair quote and paper work is done under one roof in a matter of minutes.

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What we decided to do was present a contrast between the before and after life though at the same time, make it really crisp and engaging. The reason generic explainer videos are boring is primarily because of their pace. Audience is ready to absorb information at a faster rate than what video is giving. So we wanted to make it quick and punchy.

The result of this thought process is this video, its 40 second long and takes you through a world without and with Cars24 in that order.

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