Ministry of External Affairs partnered with Birch to cover Prime Minister’s Africa visit

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India and Africa represent a third of world’s population. Both are rapidly growing economies with a lot of common problems, poverty, drug trafficking and deep dependence on conventional agriculture methods. Given the hyper connected and globalized world we live in, there is a lot of room for collaboration and intel sharing for both countries to grow together.

About a month ago, our Prime Minister boarded a plane to Africa to meet prominent leaders in the continent and reconnect with Indian diaspora who gathered in large numbers to see the Indian Prime Minister. There were cheers, hoots and a lot of media noise. But are you really aware what came out of the visit. What was the agenda that our Prime Minister set and was he able to achieve it. We partnered with Ministry of External Affairs you up to bring you upto date with the real story behind visit, the real ground work, agreements and future plans which may tie our destination with Africa.

Here is the tweet which launched the whiteboard video into public space yesterday, following which immediately PMO's official twitter account retweeted it.

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