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Hiring and managing freelancers is still as much of a pain it used to be 5 years ago. Loads of junk applications, people lacking communication skills, lot of time and energy spent on low quality bids.

Part of the reason of this situation is that most of the marketplaces focus on bidding and previous work/ratings as primary benchmarks for bringing in freelancers.

They discount heavily the scope of current problem their customers come up with, for which someone new in their marketplace might be a more appropriate fit. He may have no ratings but that shouldn't mean he should be taken seriously. Nor should he drown in the endless inflow of bids.

So one way to engineer a hiring process could be to focus on best ideas rather than top rated talent, to focus on approach rather than experience of the solver.

Birch is a platform where businesses can invite high quality creative proposals for their content whether it's videos, blog posts, infographics or anything else.

Our product design makes sure that freelancers have good incentives to submit a serious and thoroughly researched proposal. That investment on time is crucial both for the business to make sure they don't lose precious time screening applications and talking to irrelevant people.

Birch lets businesses hold creative contests online, shortlist good ideas and have them developed at a good price.

This is how the product works.


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