Ola launches its rental service in 6 cities with Birch

Indian unicorns are ramping up their expansion efforts faster than ever to keep up with the global competitors. One of the most prominent start successes of our time, Ola Cabs (or ANI Technologies) have recently allowed their riders to rent their cabs on an hourly basis rather a per-ride basis.

So, let's say you are visiting a new city and need a ride for sight seeing or have a bunch of meetings lined up through your day, Ola Rentals can give you a pretty sweet deal.

The task laid in front of us was to produce visual content which would help their drivers understand what Rental is all about,how do prices vary across cities and what changes are needed in their account to accept Rental rides.

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We started out by inviting creatives from our network for script writing, voice and animation work. The idea was to stick to a very crisp 2 minute introduction and not keep the visual details deep enough to make the video entertaining.

12 creatives (including script writers, translators, animators, voice artists) from different parts of world collaborated and produced this 2 minute piece in 5 languages over 2 weeks to help Ola launch their new product line in 6 cities.

Isn't that powerful?

Ola drivers from Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore are thanking us already.

So here is Ola Rentals for you, in 2 minutes.