Peugeot just bought Ambassador. Can they resurrect the dead Indian icon?

One of India's most iconic car brands has been sold by Hindustan Motors to the French manufacturer Peugeot for a nominal $12m or ₹80cr.

The CK Birla group owned Hindustan Motors stopped production of the 'Ambassador' in 2014 and had permanently shut the plant. Peugeot has not revealed if they want to revive the clinically dead "Ambassador" brand though they have always aspired of a significant stay in India.

Ambassador has been the best selling car in India for close to a decade in the 80's. We still see plenty of them around us as netaji's preferred mode of transport or 'kaali-peeli' taxis.

Can they help us connect with the long lost Indian icon? Can they remodel and rebrand it so India falls in love with it again?

Peugeot has produced four winners of the European Car of the Year award, most recently in 2014 with Peugeot 308.

In this post, we look at some of Peugeot's significant game winners and how they introduced them to the market.

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Peugeot 3008 is their latest SUV offering and the winner of Semperit Irish Car of the Year award.

And finally Peugeot 2008 was declared car of the Year in Italy in 2014.

Are you impressed? Looking forward to the launch of revamped Ambassador?