Audition Guidelines

Auditions are central to selection process on Birch. Therefore, we have tried to make auditioning as fair and efficient as possible.

Birch requires applying artists to develop and submit ideas or samples specifically designed for your project. This will help you better previsualize the content you are about to produce and weed out underperforming ideas early on.

We encourage artists to submit their ideas as soon as possible so that we can enter the development phase of content sooner.

Therefore, following rules apply to auditions:

  • Auditions can only be reviewed on first in, first out basis. The artists who submit auditions early have an advantage since their work is reviewed first.

  • Auditions are anonymous. This makes the selection process unbiased.

  • Shortlisted entries are awarded the audition fee which is decided while creating the project. If you shortlist multiple entries, all of them are awarded the audition fee. In other words, you will be spending n*Audition Fee where n is the number of shortlisted entries. No fee is incurred if you discard an entry.

  • One creative can submit more than one auditions.

  • Audition fee is compensation for submitting a credible audition. There is no minimum audition fee though we recommend the buyers to set 15-20% of project fee for auditions. This will encourage more creatives to submit auditions. Winning entry will receive Audition Fee plus Development fee as total compensation.

During auditioning process, we are constantly communicating with our community of artists to clear their doubts and plug any information gaps. Our goal is to bring you high quality auditions as soon as possible so you are ready for production with confidence.