How Birch works

What we do

Birch's mission is very simple. Enable businesses around the globe to produce high quality creative content.

They will use this content to educate and entertain their audience. Whether it's blog posts or illustration work or even Television commercials, we want to be the one place where every turns when they want quality content to grow and engage.

How we do it

Birch works with a network of top creative freelancers to source the content. Our process is designed to achieve three things.

  • Bring out the best ideas on the top
  • Be fair to freelancers (fair pay for work)
  • Make sure collaboration and execution are seamless

These are the principles on which we built our platform.

Here is a quick snapshot of things you would do when on Birch.

  • Create an account
  • Decide the nature of content you want to produce. Here are some options
    • Video script and screenplay (for ads or marketing/training videos)
    • Audio Narration (for audio script or video background)
    • Illustration (for magazine, website or comic strip)
    • Blog content (a well researched article for your website)
    • Animation (explainer or training videos)
    • Live shoot and editing (for TVC's / intro videos/ testimonials)
  • Create a task description - You are about to send the details of this job to a handpicked network of creative folks. Sketch out the details of what you want, how soon and at what budget.
  • Review pitches - Our network will send in sample content or proposals in context of the given job. This will include details of how would they execute the project. Shortlisted entries will receive a tip from you.
  • Finalize, execute and deliver - We help you collaborate with the freelancers without having to share your contact or personal details. Using our Hipchat integration, you can call, chat or video conference with them and share ideas. We will be right behind you during the whole process.

Sounds exciting? Head over to the dashboard and create your first project now.