How to make your business into a brand | including examples

Lasting products are defined by their purpose and not by the sum total of their features

Similarly, great companies are best described by their culture, values & mission and not by their individual product lines or profit loss statements.

Unfortunately, very few have been able to distill and articulate their mission and its alignment with our civilization and changing times. But then again very few have been able to figure it out in the first place.

Below are a few examples of businesses who have been able to say what they stand for without blatant self promotion or listing down their product features. They tell a story which touches our human side and treat us like people, not consumers.

Whether you are planning it for your 5 member start up or a billion dollar enterprise, this is how you do serious business brand building.

  • "Design is at the heart of everything we do" -Chief Design Officer, Philips
  • "Disruption is just the beginning" -CEO, Holonis
  • "We design with intention" - Apple

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