You can decide your own budget while working on Birch. There is no minimum project size or costs. Although, it goes without saying that a low budget will restrict your options for working with quality talent. We work with our customers to help them decide how they can split their budget to generate maximum ROI from their content.

You can produce content in a variety of formats including scripts, screenplays, radio, blog articles, infographics, animation or even live shot content.

Birch's fee

Birch charges a flat fee of $30 for posting a project on our platform. Under this fee, we will help you articulate and scope out a job, send out your project to all our registered creatives, follow up with them to plug any gaps in communication and get you the best quality proposals.

Please note that a project here refers to a content type and not the end output. For instance, one video can be split into 2 or more content types namely script writing and animation. These are considered two separate projects on Birch and are billed accordingly. Although, you can produce multiple units of one content type under a project on Birch. For example, you can produce 4 scripts under one project.

Freelancer fee

Birch charges freelancers 10% to 30% of the total income that they make through Birch. Fee depends on our level of involvement and effort. For every project they do with us, we provide hands on support, streamline feedback collection, follow up with client to speed up decision making and make payments disbursal seamless.

Featured Examples

In app navigation training video by Uber - $775

Uber produced this video to educate their drivers about the right ways to use in-app navigation. This video is also being translated in 14 other languages for their international audience to understand

Promoter training video by Itel - $1175

Itel was in the process of launching their new smartphone Itel IT 1520 in India. They produced this video to train their retail promoters about the value this budget smartphone is bringing to the end consumer.

Prime Minister Modi's Africa visit by MEA - $820

Ministry of External Affairs needed to educate their audience in India about Prime Minister's Africa visit. Major treaties were signed and there was an intimate diaspora connect.

Introducing Ola Rentals to drivers by Olacabs - $620

Olacabs was diversifying their offering to allow their customers to rent cabs by hour rather than a single trip. This video introduced the idea to their driver workforce and educated them about the benefits.