Amazon Vs. Flipkart – Comparing video campaigns by ecommerce giants

Amazon and Flipkart are the leading e-commerce giants in India today. Be it Holi, Diwali, Rakhi or IPL, throughout the year we see them trying hard to woo consumers and grab a better market share.

In this article, we will analyze ad campaigns from both rivals and learn what each one is doing right so you can understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating an impressive ad campaign.

Let’s begin with the most viewed Amazon ad of 2017 which was released on Rakshabandhan on 30th July this year. This ad garnered over 17 million views.

#DeliverTheLove this Rakshabandhan

In this ad a grandson is teasing his dadi (Grandmother) who is anxiously waiting for her brother to arrive for Rakshabandhan. The dadi explains to the grandson the importance of a gift of Jamuns from her brother and shares memories from her childhood – watch the entire ad to see what those memories were.

Strong Points

  • Strong emotional connect with the consumer. Love between siblings has been portrayed beautifully
  • The soundtrack “Chann jehe veer utte” has been especially composed for this ad. It sets a distinct mood for rakshabandhan celebrations and has been widely appreciated.
  • Focus on Indian traditions like making Laddoos (Sweets) for the festival.
  • Branding is built-in to the ad when the grandson shows the Amazon app to his dadi and the logo appears at the end with the message “We have 10 crore products but only you have what your sister really wants”.

Weak Points

  • Slightly long – over 2 minutes in length

Next in the list is the most watched ad by Flipkart fashion released on 24th Aug 2017 with a viewership of 9.9 million.

#Mera Joota Hai Japani – Arjun Kanungo – 360 Degree Music Video

This ad features famous singer, composer, actor, and entrepreneur Arjun Kanungo and an innovative 360 degree music video. The singer has a huge fan following and the combination made the video a hit among millennials. Watch the video above to experience the concept of 360 degree music and two versions of the same song playing simultaneously.

Strong Points

  • Excellent presentation of trendy clothes for every occasion formals, casuals, party wear etc. in an engaging manner.
  • Strong focus on how millennials work, play and live.
  • Catchy remake of the famous song “mera joota hai Japani..”
  • To resonate with the young, the ad has Twitter messages flashing on the screen.

Weak Points

  • Not much focus on brand and selling – Flipkart logo appears briefly in the beginning and later as a background image
  • Video will be shared and talked about as music video

Next video in our list is the Amazon ad with the message to mothers of all ages to rekindle their passion again. This is the most watched ad of the series with the hashtag #MomBeAGirlAgain.

#Toofani – #MomBeAGirlAgain

The ad starts with a young girl settling down in her hostel and her teacher telling her stories about her mother as Toofani – a passionate young footballer when she was in the same school years ago. Watch the video above to know more about Toofani.

Strong Points

  • Great emotional connect with mothers across the country who put their dreams and passion on the back burner in order to raise their family. Even children are able to relate to these ads as they can see their own mother in the ad.
  • Part of an extensive 360 degree media campaign across different channels which became viral over social media.
  • Part of a series of ads with the same theme of #MomBeAGirlAgain thus increasing brand recall value.
  • Very subtle branding built into the ad.

Weak Points

  • Ad is long – more than 3 minutes
  • A dramatic story about a young mother who forgot about her passion due to family responsibilities. Such ads

The following video is a very short commercial about Flipkart’s perfect buy campaign for big home appliances with a viewership of 9.6 million.

#Get The Best Of Everything On Flipkart #PerfectBuy!

The ad begins with a husband playing a game of Carrom with friends when his wife walks-in and asks him to accompany her to buy a TV. The husband obviously is enjoying and doesn’t want to go. Watch the ad to see how Flipkart is portrayed as a solution to this age-old tug-of-war between husband and wife.

Strong Points

  • Short ad only 49 seconds – but to the point, covering as much branding as possible.
  • 50% ad states the problems and rest 50% talks about the solution with the tagline – “Kahin aur kyon jana Flipkart hai na”
  • Beautifully captures the scene from every household where husband wants to enjoy with friends and doesn’t want to go shopping while wife is nagging to go shopping.
  • Features very capable child actors with adult voices which is a cute and unique concept – now a Flipkart brand image.

Weak Points

  • None

Next ad is about the extensively talked about Amazon Great Indian Festival from 4 -8 October designed for Diwali shoppers.

#Amazon Great Indian Festival

The ad has a perfect festival setting where a family is discussing shopping for Diwali. The father wants to go to the city market for shopping when the son and daughter duo educate him about how one can get discounts by shopping on the Amazon app.

Strong Points

  • Effective use of “Apni Dukan” image of Amazon.
  • Shows the face of changing India from traditional market going parents to new generation of online shoppers.
  • Encourages people to download the app and look for discounts which is the theme of the ad.
  • Part of a series of Diwali shopping ads with same actors resulting in easy recall due to familiar faces.
  • Close to ideal content distribution in this short commercial spanning only 30 seconds. 33% problem, 33% solution and 33% benefits of shopping on the Amazon app. For more such tips on creating outstanding video ads, please click here.

Weak Points

  • Designed for an event in a fixed time period.
  • Small businesses can’t afford to create such restricted ads which can’t be used at another time.

Flipkart’s answer to Amazon’s “Great Indian Festival” was the “Big Billion Days” sale also aimed at Diwali shopping for Indian households with central theme of Mehengaai (inflation/price rise). Let’s see what is special about this last ad in our analysis.

#The big news is here! India’s Biggest Sale – The Big Billion

Strong Points

  • Smart and short ad with cute child actors playing roles of cops and police informer. The setting makes it interesting to watch and builds curiosity.
  • Last 10 seconds talk about the Big billion Days sale coming up with all the details and offers.
  • Great concept of “Pahli bar mehengaai giregi” (prices will fall for the first time).

Weak Points

  • Designed for an event in a fixed time period.
  • Small businesses can’t afford to create such restricted ads which can’t be used at another time.


After analyzing these ads, we can say that home grown retailer Flipkart, which started as a book selling website around 10 years ago, gives a tough fight to global giant Amazon with online retail experience of over 20 years.

In the ads analyzed above, Amazon is focusing on connecting with the entire family. Right from dadi to mother to father to son and daughter – they are targeting all age groups. Creating a strong emotional connect is another strategy Amazon is following in most of its ads. Amazon is thinking long term strategies, creating a series of ads with same theme, trying to change the shopping habits of Indians from brick and mortar stores to an online medium. It is focusing a lot on how Indians think while shopping, be it “Apni Dukan” concept where we Indians ask the shopkeeper to show more and more products or ask for a discount for being a loyal customer.

On the other hand, Flipkart is focusing a lot on millenials, using kids dressed as adults to target the consumers. Ads are more transactional and sale oriented than long term. Flipkart ads are shorter duration with lesser viewership when compared to Amazon ads.

Hope you found this analysis useful. Don’t forget to share in your circles.

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