Why most explainer videos feel ….. almost the same

This post is not about “How to do explainer videos right” or “Why do you need an explainer video for your business“.

We believe there are plenty of people and studies out there telling you how a video can increase conversion rates on your website or draw in more traffic or ring your cash register.

This post is about storytelling. Because that’s what videos are supposed to be, good stories. Like any other format(blog/infographic/tweets), you can use this format poorly or use it well.

This post is about exploring what else can we do over and above telling a story where there is a “Tom” who is leading a happy life but one day faced a problem and got frustrated, then discovered an app, used it and everything went back to being normal and good. What can be done over and above this, what can be done to make your 2 minute introduction less predictable and more fun.

Every good story has three parts.

– The Build up – Introduce your characters, establish their character and shortcomings and establish relatability.

– The Struggle – The primary discovers their shortcomings  decide to take on their by finding a solution and implementing it.

– The Conclusion – They win their “happily ever after”.

Almost every story can be broken down into these three stages with build up being the most critical. If your characters are not relatable/ invoke no emotion, their struggles and victory will be irrelevant.

Our tendency to talk too much gets in the way

The more we have studied explainer videos and their ability to attract and retain attention, we have realised they have become a mechanical repetition of sorts with more information than the story and character building. This may be because of our tendency to talk about our product elaborately whenever we get the screen time. We love to talk about all the hard work we have put in to make our product awesome, list down all its features and do competitor analysis.

We are big believers in making not the “product” but the “users” awesome. We think a good story and a good pitch always puts the “user” at the center of everything. And details of the product reveal themselves as the story of our primary character progresses.

This is what we tell our clients. Let your characters talk, let them be awkward or funny or whatever they want to be. Don’t let them be puppets against the backdrop of a strong voice narrating your feature list. Tell them a story they are the heroes of.

As we continue to make better videos, here is a quick preview of Birch’s new intro video. It’s not complete yet …. just the storyboard. But we welcome your inputs.

There are no feature lists here, no “How does it work?”, just a few good people and good old style storytelling.


So we have finally completed the video mentioned above. It finally went from being at the storyboard stage to production ready. Megan looks enchantingly beautiful, characters are adorable and her boss … well he is happy and less stressed at the end as well. Here, take a look.

From among the many explainer videos we have produced for our clients, we think this one stands out as a pretty successful experiment. We are pretty excited about the praises we have been receiving.

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