Holiday campaign ideas to help you reconnect with your customers

The holiday season is fast approaching, with it comes a great deal of festivities, celebrations and shopping. As marketing teams around the world brainstorm to reach out to their customers and win their hearts, we at Birch, are trying to help you launch exciting holiday campaigns without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here we bring to you, a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses of few handpicked campaigns to help you  gain useful insights into their marketing genius.

#1 Dramatic and musical cat food campaign

This holiday campaign from cat food brand Temptations says – “Avoid holiday destruction, treat them too this season with Temptations.”

This dramatic ad starts with big white sheet covering some stuff..suddenly red and green lights start flashing and with a loud noise the sheet gets pulled off uncovering the beautiful holiday decorations. Famous Christmas carol “Deck the halls with boughs of holly…” starts playing. Many inquisitive cats watching this beautiful display, suddenly start running towards the decorations. To find out what happened next please watch the video above…

Strong points

  • Effective use of white sheet cover, loud noise, flashing lights, and lots of cats to create drama.
  • Excellent use of famous Christmas carol “Deck the halls..” as the background score  to set the perfect holiday mood.
  • Connects very well with cat lovers as they know that the cats can be annoying when hungry and unoccupied.
  • Great trick at the end with the shake, anyone who has a cat gets the ad immediately.
  • Good length about 1 min and 15 seconds.

Weak points

  • Little scary especially for young children-starts with white sheet cover and loud noises, too many cats running haywire and destroying the decorations.
  • Anyone not watching the ad till the end, won’t know about the brand so little more focus on the brand might help.

Other businesses which can use similar campaigns

  • Any other pet care products like pet toys, pet grooming and training services, pet hostels.
  • Baby food and baby care products can show babies messing up with holiday decorations.
#2 Emotional holiday campaign by Edeka

The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation. Ad starts with busy parents trying to finish holiday shopping, cooking, cleaning, putting Christmas lights and striking off things from their never ending to-do lists. Gloomy, dejected and bored kids watching their busy parents state the problem perfectly. Watch the video to find out what made the parents realize that the best gift is the time spent with your loved ones.

Strong points

  • Easy to connect with – Busy parents and dejected children seems like a scene from every household during cold and snowy holiday season.
  • Balanced content planning – 50% of the total ad sets the problem and remaining 50% goes in the solution.
  • Conveys a strong message that taking time to connect with the family is just as important as the festivities, very well written and executed.
  • Good ad length of 1 minute and 24 seconds

Weak points

  • Good awareness campaign about a social and psychological issue but the ad doesn’t talk directly about their offering
  • Big brands like Edeka can afford such ads which will be remembered and shared among the families but this might not have a direct impact on their sales cycle
  • Such campaigns are recommended for small and medium size businesses when they are trying to build the top of their sales funnel. To learn more about the ideal content distribution, please refer to this article.

Other businesses which can use similar campaigns

  • Products and services which help with everyday chores like laundry services, online grocery shopping and delivery, food delivery apps, home decoration services, home cleaning and appliance repair service providers.
  • Products dealing with children like gaming systems, educational toys to keep them happy and occupied while adults take care of chores.
  • Banks, credit cards, insurance companies can also use similar theme to show how parents don’t have to worry about finances during holidays so they can be busy creating memories with the loved ones.
#3 Heartwarming advert from John Lewis

John Lewis is a chain of high-end department stores operating throughout the United Kingdom. This John Lewis holiday campaign reminds us why gift of love is the greatest gift. The ad shows a little boy Sam playing, traveling and going around with his imaginary penguin friend Monty. After observing Monty carefully, Sam notices his friend’s desire to be loved. The ad ends with the boy getting another penguin as a Christmas present for his friend.

Strong points 

  • Strong connect with children and parents throughout the ad.
  • Gives a peek into children’s mind and their imaginary world through a very simple story.
  • John Lewis has a tradition of coming up with a Christmas advert every holiday season. This keeps people waiting and talking about them every year.  
  • Good use of call to action – “Click here to continue the story”

Weak points 

  • Ad is long – more than 2 mins in length.
  • Very less focus on the brand – brand comes in only towards the end.
  • Seems more like a nice, heartwarming Christmas story  which is a good brand engagement strategy but not aimed at increasing sales.

Other businesses which can use similar campaign

  • Toy stores
  • Food products for kids, any product where the “love” in the ad can be replaced with the product like chocolates, icecreams, pizza etc.
  • Pet food/toys where the gift for the pet is the pet food/toy
  • NGOs can use similar ad where the tag line is very helpful- “Give someone a Christmas they have been dreaming of”.
#4 Inspiring brand awareness campaign from Paper Boat

Paper Boat is a brand of non-carbonated beverages and energy drinks produced and marketed by Hector Beverages, located in Bangalore, India. In this campaign Paper Boat brings together famous movers and shakers to inspire us all. The ad has a very beautiful rendering of a popular anthem “Hum honge kamyab” – which is full of hope and very close to the heart of it’s target audience. Tagline – Drinks and memories.

Strong points 

  • Good brand focus – Starts and ends with the brand logo which helps you remember the brand name even after you are done watching it or while you are sharing.
  • Unique idea to involve founders of other businesses doing innovative work.
  • Used a popular anthem very appropriately to instill hope and encourage innovation.
  • Strong connect with target audience so they will share and talk about the brand. This will lead to  better brand recollection while shopping.

Weak points 

  • The idea works well for a particular geography, in this case India.
  • Could be used for brand awareness but not suitable for selling a product.
  • Very long commercial – over 3 minutes but keeps you engaged.

Other businesses which can use similar campaign

  • Any company whose tagline matches the theme of going back to your roots like clothing and artifacts by rural artisans, ayurvedic products.
  • Products and services which help you succeed in life like vocational training institutes, colleges, schools, health drinks like Bournvita, Boost and such.
  • Innovative products which address a major pain point like the ones featured in it.

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