A brief introduction to Birch

Birch is a service founded by Vineet Markan with Vaibhav Domkundwar as an early supporter.

Vineet previously founded Frambench which is a collaboration platform for creative teams working remotely. It was used by design and publishing teams at Unilever, HBO, Prime Focus and Isentia and many more. Framebench was later absorbed into Freshdesk which offers customer support software to businesses. 

Vaibhav is an angel investor and runs Better Labs which hosts companies like PicBackMan, ReadyContacts and Nurture.


Birch’s objective is to help businesses produce engaging video content through a distributed workforce of creative professionals. Think of it like a video production platform in the cloud.

How do we do it?

We focus on two things.

Open ideation. Quality production.

Open ideation 

After working with a number of marketing/operations teams and founders, we have realized these leaders are always in a hurry when it comes to launching campaigns. They squeeze out time from their busy schedules to brainstorm ideas and come up with possibly 3-4 plots. 

We allow these businesses access to over 300 quality script writers and musicians who are looking to work on exciting campaigns and are ready to contribute exciting ideas. You can view or listen to custom created samples and choose the ones you’d like to get produced.

Quality production

We work with a handpicked network of videographers, editors and animators to help you bring the idea to life. Once you are excited about the script music and screenplay, the team of experts gets to work crafting each frame of your visual story.

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testimonial video
Santhosh Nagarajan

COO, Sminq

“Birch helped us conceptualize and visualize the production process right from the start. Our investors were extremely happy with the impact we are making. We will be launching our next campaign with Birch soon.”

Some of our previous work

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Current stage

Birch is a bootstrapped venture, so we try really hard to make our customers happy and refer us more business.

A part of our video production processes run on tools we have have developed internally and we also rely on Google Apps heavily. As we expand our team and onboard more quality vendors, our product experience will continue to improve. 

We have already worked with organizations like Uber, Government of India, Ola, Transsion, Cars24 and many more. 

Our idea of giving open access to creative talent to marketers is gaining ground rapidly and you can be a part of it.

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Performance marketing, interesting campaign ideas, pathbreaking tech. That’s what we talk about. 

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