Monexo uses video marketing to reach potential loan borrowers

Every modern marketer has realised that their brand is not what they say about themselves, rather what their customers say about them. This simple truth must be internalised to craft an effective video marketing strategy.

In a world where consumers are so well connected to each other, it’s hard to hide a bad experience. Every bad experience gets plastered all over the internet from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube. But to get a positive review, especially a positive video review from a user usually takes much more effort.

Though these testimonials are highly effective in inspiring confidence among new prospects, especially when you leverage a highly expressive format like corporate video which truly lets people relate and connect with their peer’s problems.

Monexo is a Mumbai based start up helping salaried salaried people borrow loans from investors online with minimal paperwork. Monexo has been growing rapidly across India helping borrowers with a variety of backgrounds and needs. Birch partnered with Monexo to cover 9 borrower stories in 3 cities namely Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

Below you can find a few clips from this video marketing campaign.

training videos
Sonal Bengani

Co-founder, Monexo

“Birch’s production team is a pleasure to work with. Our borrowers had a tight schedule and were shy to be on camera. Vineet and his team worked with us closely and helped us create perfect content for our campaign. Would definitely recommend Birch to my friends”

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Behind the scenes

Here is an aerial view of the process we went through to make this production successful.

a. Monexo’s team contacted and shortlisted borrowers who were comfortable being on camera and coordinated schedules

b. We worked with their team to prepare and review the question set which will bring out the story of each borrower in detail

c. Three teams were hired (1 in each city) and they were briefed about the background of the business, the nature of content that was to be covered and schedule of each borrower

d. The shoot took place in each city over a weekend and we got the raw footage in editing room two days after

e. The footage was reviewed, cleaned and relevant parts were stitched together to bring out a crisp and punchy story. Finally captions were added to each video to make the context global.

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