How a Pune based startup reduced their sales cycle from 1 week to 1 day with this testimonial video

Sminq is a Pune based start-up  which is backed by Blume Ventures and is helping doctors cut the queues at their clinics. We recently collaborated with them to launch a campaign to educate doctors about managing queues more efficiently at their clinics. The campaign was focussed on producing a crisp testimonial video to inspire confidence in the medical community about Sminq.

What is Sminq

Quoted from Sminq’s website

Sminq is solving the problem of waiting by taking physical queues online. Sminq gives you real-time queue information on your mobile, making your wait 100% transparent. It removes the need to be physically present to hold your spot.

Here is what their customers have to say about them.

Campaign objectives

The team at Sminq had been hard at work for the last year piloting their product with some well known clinics in Pune. They collected feedback, made on-boarding easier and focused on delivering a glitch free experience.  Months of hard work resulted in happy customers who were ready to share their voice for Sminq’s benefit. These were some of the leading doctors from Pune who are widely respected in medical circles. And they were deeply impressed with Sminq’s real time queue management facilities.

The shoot took place over 4 days with various doctors as their schedules were packed and they had to give us time between patient appointments. Our production team worked closely with the doctors and adapted to their schedule, sometimes even getting shots on the go. We worked with doctors to help them understand the context of this campaign so that they can share their experiences with confidence. Multi cam shots and sound set up had to be done in minutes so they can get back to attending to patients.

Testimonial videos are a great way to boost confidence among new customers and adopters, especially if your technology is new and untested. With these doctors endorsing Sminq, the campaign will go a long way in establishing trust in Pune and Maharashtra circles. Sminq has gotten their customers to talk about them, and came out with a campaign which their target audience was able to quickly relate with thus cutting down sales cycle by 85%

testimonial video
Santhosh Nagarajan

COO, Sminq

“Birch helped us conceptualize and visualize the production process right from the start. Our investors were extremely happy with the impact we are making. We will be launching our next campaign with Birch soon.”

How this campaign helped Sminq

Here is an excerpt from Santhosh’s email who lead this campaign from Sminq’s team.

testimonial video santhosh

There are 2 things we learned about the doctor community during this campaign.

First, they are extremely busy creatures. We had to rush the shoots so that they can attend to their patients and then they consulted over phone with their regular patients. So when Santhosh and his team approached doctors earlier to demo Sminq and have them try out the app, they found it hard to make time and meet their team.

Secondly, they were apprehensive about a new technology coming into their workflow as it might things off balance. In such a fast paced environment, training the staff or downtime due to confusion is simply unacceptable.

The second thing we learned about doctors is that they are an extremely tight knit community. They share their learnings, refer patients to each other and often help each other grow.

This is the primary insight that the team at Sminq used while creating this testimonial video. They were very clear, if they could get a few reputed doctors to share their experiences on screen, they can instantly strike a chord with the medical community.

Testimonial videos can be a great asset for your website

There is nothing that speaks more loudly than your customers showing up on screen and telling other prospects how great their experience has been. One genuine heartfelt testimonial can do more to build trust than thousands of dollars spent on self-aggrandizing advertisements.

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