Top 10 explainer video companies in India, handpicked

Businesses are investing aggressively in capturing consumer’s attention. While our attention spans are getting shorter, the marketers are coming up with new ideas to condense their message in shorter and crispier formats.

An appealing product explainer video on your website can get your audience interested enough to read through product specs, sign up or even buy. Though if you don’t have the in-house talent to produce the masterpiece, you will need to work with a creative partner who can help you out.

To help you profile the ideal vendor for your next campaign, here is a list of our favorite explainer video companies in India. This list can serve as a great starting point for your hunt as you can look at the production quality delivered by some of the best explainer video companies in a single place. Even if you don’t hire one of them, their work can set a visual benchmark.

Adaar VFX

Although Adaar specializes in special effects and 3D animation work, the reason they have been included on this list is the stunning visuals they have produced to help some of world’s leading companies introduce their products.

For example, here are the commercials they created for Samsung and Microsoft. Their work is broadcast quality and certainly sets the bar high.

Location: Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Specialization: Visual effects, 3D animation

Clients: Samsung, Microsoft, Natgeo


Wowmakers offer a relatively wide range of services including Brand Communications, Video production, UI design, front-end engineering, and mobile applications. Although they are quite diversified, their taste in design makes their work a pleasure to watch.

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Specialization: UI/UX, Motion graphics, Identity design, Software development

Clients: PayTM, Microsoft, WeChat


B2W is probably one of the most aggressively promoted explainer video companies in India. Their videos tend to be short and informative. The ability to condense complex ideas into 1-1.5  minute videos is impressive. Characters are well designed and fun to watch.

Location: New Delhi, India / New Jersey, USA

Specialization: 2D animation

Clients: eBay, Johnson & Johnson


Birch is known for delivering out of the box innovative content for businesses in the deep-tech domain. The team has extensive experience building and introducing innovative products into new uncharted markets. We have also helped organizations launch elaborate training campaigns to help them align remote workforce on a common set of goals. So whether you are trying to achieve marketing objectives or onboard new recruits, Birch is a partner you can trust.

Location: New Delhi/Pune, India

Specialization: Motion graphics, Live action, Whiteboard animation

Clients: Uber, Govt. of India, Cars24, Mobikon

Again Studios

Again studio creates fun to watch 2D animation videos. Their videos are crisp, have amazing transitions and relatable characters.

Location: Panchkula, India / Toronto, Ontario

Specialization: 2D animation, Whiteboard animation

Clients: Google, Chai Point

Contract Advertising

Contract Advertising produces television commercials for some very well known brands in India. What really puts them on the map as one of the best explainer video companies in India is their work below. They animated this product intro for Truly Madly, a dating app similar to Tinder. The video clearly states the quality of work this agency is capable of delivering. As Mallika Dua would say, “What a wow :)”

Location: Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore, India

Specialization: Live action, 2D animation

Clients: Droom, Truly Madly


It’s very easy to be jealous of their design and videos. Eunoians has put out some of the best graphic design work we have seen to date.

Location: Kochi, India

Specialization: 2D animation

Clients: Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon


Amazing storytelling, engaging visuals, MyPromoVideos creates explainer videos worth looking out for. The visual language they have used varies quite a bit across videos which tells us they are not afraid to experiment.

Location: Coimbatore, India

Specialization: 2D animation, Motion graphics

Clients: Freshdesk, Book my show, Practo


Fun, quirky explainer videos, fluid typography, and impressive flat design. Brandmills creates videos that are a treat to watch.

Location: Kochi, Kerala, India

Specialization: Motion graphics

Clients: Freshdesk, Book my show, Practo

Brain Pan Studio

We picked Brain Pan because of their fantastic work with kinetic typography and entertaining transitions. They have beautifully portrayed stories and information in this video series produced for 100 Pipers. They achieved this only with typography eliminating the need for a voice over.

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Specialization: Motion graphics, 2D animation

Clients: YES Bank, 100 Pipers


This list has been prepared solely on the basis of production quality. There are a lot of other factors to consider while you are choosing an ideal creative partner or explainer video company. Factors like domain knowledge, budget constraints, communication should be considered before you make a decision. Talk to a few candidates on this list to see where you feel the chemistry. You can get in touch with Birch by filling out the form below.

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